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AIA 2017 Small Project Awards

The Small Project Awards Program of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) “was established to recognize small-project practitioners for the high quality of their... read more

The Evolution of Timber Construction

“An engineering marvel made of American white oak features in the redevelopment of the Warner Stand at one of the world’s most iconic sporting facilities, Lord’s... read more

The most renewable resource – Wood

Did you know that “organic aspirin comes from willows and that rayon fabric is made largely from wood pulp?” In an article entitled, “Forest heroes: it begins with... read more

2030 Commitment Reality Check

“The architecture industry is increasingly having an impact on the built environment’s energy efficiency and carbon emissions. The main vehicle: the AIA 2030 Commitment... read more

Dateline: Washington, D.C.

Legislators from both sides of the aisle recently moved “to reintroduce the Timber Innovation Act – bipartisan, bicameral legislation that aims to find new and... read more

Ways to Ensure a Healthier Home

“Sick house syndrome can be a serious problem in today’s newer, airtight homes. The indoor air can actually be more polluted than outdoor air, and some indoor chemicals... read more


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