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Pulling inspiration from fashion, technology, art and popular movements, paint manufacturer Dunn-Edwards has released its forecast of Color + Design Trends for 2024. A collection of 48 hues combining misty, ethereal midtones, quirky brights and strong earth colors, the four inspired color palettes project a sense of confidence and optimism, coziness, romance, escapism and youthfulness. Inspired by nature and bringing cottage life into daily routines, the hues pop with “optimism” and encourage “a future of unlimited possibility.” See all 48 at

But Not so Fast

There is still plenty of 2023 left for design Pros to shine. And home renovation and design site Houzz has identified a selection of emerging midyear home design trends for 2023 that reflect a desire to create new living areas—from basements to rooftops—and improve existing spaces to better fit current and future lifestyles. And while you’re browsing, visit for a close look at its 35 Home Design Trends on the Rise in 2023. You’ll find a lot of Real American Hardwood® applications featured there.

Real American Hardwood® is a registered trademark of the Real American Hardwood Coalition.


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