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Are you an architect, designer, builder, or another construction professional looking for information to consider when evaluating and selecting a building material? Learn more about the important role environmentally friendly hardwoods play in the livability of Planet Earth.

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American Hardwoods and their Role in Carbon Neutral Design & Thermally Modified Hardwood and its role in Architectural Design

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Hardwood Finishes More Eco-Friendly than Ever

Finishes are vital to protecting the beauty and performance of hardwood cabinetry, flooring and millwork.

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Stain it. Paint it. Walk on it. Shut it. Cut it. Sand it. Sit on it. Live in it. Play on it. Dance on it. Store in it. SPECIFY IT!

The natural choice for green building and healthy home environments is American hardwoods. Eco-conscious homeowners can confidently request American hardwood flooring, cabinetry, and millwork for their homes.

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The Confident Choice for Eco-conscious Specifiers

From flooring and cabinetry to moulding and furniture, American hardwoods have been treasured for generations, and for good reason!

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Hardwood Gifts for the Holidays

Hardwood Gifts for the Holidays

This holiday season, when so much in the world seems unsettled and uncertain, Real American Hardwood™ gifts seem especially appropriate. The natural beauty, durability, timelessness, and familiarity of oak, walnut, maple, and other beloved species may never have been...

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The Significance of American Hardwoods

The Significance of American Hardwoods

Specifiers and designers have always loved the look and overall appeal of Real American Hardwood™ products. And for good reason. Like us, each piece of timber is unique—with color, texture, and grain as individual as a human personality. But today's environmentally...

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A New Tool for Consumers, Specifiers and Designers

A New Tool for Consumers, Specifiers and Designers

Everyone loves the look and appeal of hardwood. But misinformation abounds. And both consumers and prosumers, misled by false product claims, often opt for vinyl or plastic hardwood look-alikes, rather than the "real deal"—chemical-free, healthy, uniquely beautiful,...

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