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Warmth, Style & Durability. Treasured for Generations

From the coast to the mountains, and everywhere in between, respected builders and seasoned design professionals are Discovering Southern Cypress as the material of choice to transform their creative aspirations into luxurious realities.

The versatile species pairs proven outdoor performance with picture-perfect curb appeal:

  • Incredibly dense and dimensionally stable, Cypress is a building material less prone to shrinkage and warping, making it ideal for use in areas that are subject to high heat and humidity, and perfect for outdoor applications like siding, covered porch ceilings and outdoor kitchen cabinetry.
  • In its natural state, the wood typically displays a light color, with a predominantly yellow, honey-like tone. It can also feature red, chocolate, and even olive hues. And can be painted or stained.
  • Cypress’ natural warmth and distinctive good looks complement any architectural style, and the species offers a unique look for architectural elements like accent walls, flooring, decorative ceilings, exposed beams and columns, kitchen cabinetry, and other indoor applications.

The possibilities are endless! Tune in to the video presentation, Discovering Southern Cypress: The Natural Choice, and see how Southern Cypress will make a design statement for you.

Photo Courtesy: Acadian Cypress and Hardwoods


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American Hardwood Information Center
American Hardwood Information Center3 days ago
"For several years, the trend was toward characterful woods like hickory, but recently, white oak has moved to the front." #realwoodreallife #keepitreal #hardwoodflooring #whiteoak


29 minutes ago
Happy Pecan Day! Did you know pecan trees give us more than just delicious pecan pie (although that's a notable contribution!). We also often use pecan/hickory wood for tool handles, furniture, etc. #realwoodreallife #keepitreal #pecanday #pecan #pecanpie AmericanHardwds photo

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