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National Kitchen and Bath Association charts design trends for 2019, including light or medium wood grain popularity in cabinets for the next three years | Woodworking...

Hardwood tops home buyers' flooring preferences | Builder Magazine

Cement-coated excelsior wood shavings find use in acoustic paneling | Woodworking Network

Sclera is an exploration of space and material, designed by David Adjaye using American tulipwood. 11 years after its creation, Sclera is being re-created as part of...

Hardwood Floors in the Kitchen Work - Here’s the Proof | Real Simple

How to build a skyscraper out of wood | The Week

"Timber" dating app matches tree lovers with trees | Woodworking Network

6 tips for sourcing quality wood furniture | Seattle Times

Have you heard? A study was recently completed to detail the economic impact of the hardwood industry in all 50 states! Check out the results!

With much of the country dealing with snow right now, here are some tips on how to prevent rock salt from damaging your hardwood floors | Magic Valley

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