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With much of the country dealing with snow right now, here are some tips on how to prevent rock salt from damaging your hardwood floors | Magic Valley

Mui’s home hub is an internet-connected plank of wood | Expert Reviews

12 DIY wood pallet projects and ideas | TODAY

Log Cabins? No, These Wooden Buildings Are High-Rises | New York Times 

Why more buildings should be made of wood: It is better for the planet, and safer than you think | The Economist

Choosing wood products can be an effective strategy in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions | The Seattle Times

A father and his sons cut wood to fill 80 trucks. Then they brought it to homes that needed heat. | Washington Post 

Gribble me this: What eats wood and poops clean energy? This crustacean could help produce biofuels at lower cost and with less energy. | Popular Science

When you look at Next House, you would never guess that it was two separate building projects; it looks like the two wings were always meant to flank a narrow courtyard...

Trends 2019: Stretching the Limits of Wood | Azure


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RT @AmericanForests: Of the 21 natural solutions the researchers analyzed, increased reforestation efforts had the largest carbon storage potential, equivalent to keeping 65 million passenger cars off the road. #forestswork

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