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Warmth, Style & Durability. Treasured for Generations

Unique, sustainable, forever stylish – products made from American Hardwoods offer the ultimate in authenticity and luxury. And they come by it naturally.

For centuries, Americans have been surrounding themselves with products made from American hardwoods; recognizing their unique beauty; reveling in their warmth; confirming them as the perfect product choice - the optimum in authenticity and luxury.

Informed design professionals agree, and for all the right reasons.

  • Nature’s handiwork has created this magnificent material. And that material transforms into products that are durable, eco-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • With color, texture, and grain as unique and individual as each of us, hardwood products coexist beautifully with other products, materials and design concepts.
  • The intrinsic ‘natural’ feeling of hardwood reduces stress, evokes warmth and comfort, and establishes an overall sense of peace and well-being.
  • Incorporating them into every facet of our lives makes sense.

American hardwoods - unique, sustainable, forever stylish - the ultimate in authenticity and luxury! Tune in to the video presentation, Defining Luxury … American Hardwoods, and be inspired.


Photo credit: Weaber Hardwood Flooring


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American Hardwood Information Center
American Hardwood Information Center15 hours ago
When you look at Next House, you would never guess that it was two separate building projects; it looks like the two wings were always meant to flank a narrow courtyard with a pecan tree at its center. | Fine Homebuilding


16 hours ago
"From cute playthings for the nursery to elegant furniture for the living room, there’s a universe of attractive hardwood products out there that will check all the boxes on your holiday gift list." AmericanHardwds photo

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