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How much dimensional change should you expect?

These figures represent possible width change in 12 inches of lumber when moisture content is reduced from 10 percent to 5 percent. Figures are for plain-sawn unless indicated otherwise.

Species Dimensional Change
Ash 10/64"
Basswood 10/64"
Beech 14/64"
Butternut 8/64"
Cherry 9/64"
Hard Maple 12/64"
Hickory 11/64"
Oak, Red and White plain-sawn 11/64"
Oak, Red and White quarter-sawn 7/64"
Oak, Red and White rift-sawn 7/64"
Pecan 11/64"
Soft Maple 9/64"
Walnut 10/64"
Yellow Birch 12/64"
Yellow Poplar 9/64"



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