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Having difficulty choosing a hardwood species for that flooring application? Or would you like to compare a variety of species for your special project? This should make it a little easier.

To assist in your information search, download the Guide to American Hardwoods mobile app by the American Hardwood Information Center. The free app is available on Google Play™ for Android™ devices and the App Store® for iOS devices.

The digital species guide includes information about the most abundant American hardwood species—including availability, physical and working characteristics, strength and mechanical properties, and typical applications of each.

The application allows users the ability to compare species being considered for a project. Plus, a virtual stain simulator displays the species in clear, light, medium, and dark finishes to help visualize stain combinations of flooring, cabinetry, moulding and furniture co-existing in a single design space. And species profiles include images featuring the wood in finished applications.

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American Hardwood Information Center
American Hardwood Information Center15 hours ago
When a space is made for your family, it adapts with you as your family grows through the seasons. In this entry from @pantry.hill is a great source of inspiration for families looking to bring their personality to their home.

Photo by @pantry.hill

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