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There are many factors to consider when choosing a building or decorating material. Some impact the environment more, while others are a cost consideration. Be knowledgeable when making a selection and don’t be misled. (Continue reading…)

In follow-up to their 2005 investigation of the environmental attributes of bamboo, Dovetail Partners, Inc. – a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization committed to providing access to scientific, unbiased environmental information – has released a new report entitled, “Bamboo Products and their Environmental Impacts:  Revisited.”

The report concludes that while “bamboo is a marvelous resource that provides a myriad of benefits for billions of people; the benefits come at high environmental cost.” Among the costs are “degradation of natural forests, tremendous biodiversity loss, widespread use of fertilizers and pesticides, and increased social and environmental risks linked to large-scale monoculture agriculture. “ And while “the rapid renewal capacity of bamboo is a reality; reality is replaced by fantasy when completely unfounded claims are accepted without question.”

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