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“Making an Interior Design Statement”

“Making an Interior Design Statement”

Shakeshack may be known for delicious burgers and tasty shakes, but the focus at their new headquarters in NYC is on the furnishings! The office features a stunning live-edge walnut slab desk, as well as white oak and steel desks.

Read more at Architectural Products.

New and refinished hardwood floors offer the highest ROI for home updates | Photo by NWFA @seattlepionline

“Research has shown that the resilience and versatility of wood make it a very suitable building material for schools…helping to create safe, healthy and inspiring environments” | @ArchDaily

“As we’re sustaining our forests, our forests are sustaining our family for future generations” @HickmanWoods 

Fantastic examples incorporating wood and colors to create stylish designs | @Houzz

Wood will “revolutionise the construction industry” | @dezeen

A High Point University student steps into the lumber industry to learn how a hardwood tree transforms from lumber to a finished product | @AppalachianHdwd

Could a “Tree-House” building be the school of the future? | @Inhabitat

“Americans use a tremendous amount of wood… and forest growth outpaces wood use”, valuable information from Bill Cook | @TheDailyPress 

A great story on the health benefits of engineered wood from one of the largest mass timber projects in the Pacific Northwest! | @BDCNetwork


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17 hours ago
Building with wood is a #climatesolution.

#buildwithwood #realwood #climatechange
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Many Branches. One Industry. @NAWLA_MBOI
#DYK? The world population is expected to more than double by 2060, which means the number of buildings will double! It's time to start being carbon-thoughtful and change the way we build cities. #buildwithwood #climatesolutions

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