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LISI House of the Solar Decathlon Team Austria walked away as the 2013 event winner, answering the competition’s global challenge for the “most innovative, affordable and attractive solar-powered prefab home for the 21st century.”

An impressive example of combining outdoor and indoor living, “LISI consists largely of renewable resources and sustainable materials. Wood is used as a raw material for construction and insulation. Not only is it carbon-neutral but it also has a positive effect on the indoor climate and comfort in the home. As a natural product, wood is the ideal material for a prefabrication of houses – ease of use and transport. Under the aspect of the conscious handling of raw materials, the LISI house is designed to use all parts of the tree – from heartwood to the bark. Wood is therefore not only used as a construction material, but also inside the walls and ceiling panels, or in the furniture. Thus, the wood in the structure can also be felt and smelled.”

“Healthy, comfortable and pleasant,” the eco-friendly, prefab home generates sufficient electricity to satisfy daily energy demands and used renewable materials and energies to create a “high-quality, sustainable and affordable house for different users and sites.”

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