American Hardwoods
Real American Hardwoods

For centuries, products made from American hardwoods have been providing lasting beauty, warmth and functional value to our homes and countless structures everywhere. Future generations can expect the same.

The U.S. Forest Service reports that the volume of hardwoods in American forests today is 131 percent greater than it was in 1953 because more than twice as much hardwood grows each year as is harvested.  That’s sustainability in a nutshell. We are not running out of trees. The next generation of American Hardwoods is growing right now. So take a fresh look.

Eco-inspired design will recognize and take advantage of the beauty of the entire palette of American hardwood species, and find fresh expressions for this plentiful resource.  In the kitchen or the bath, over the fireplace or on the floor, the sheer beauty, durability and timeless appeal of this resource make a lasting statement everywhere.

So paint it; stain it; repair it; refinish it; walk on it; restore it; love it; refresh it! The possibilities are endless.





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