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At Expo Milan 2015, the USA pavilion included a 500m2 hardwood deck that ran the length of the pavilion’s first level. New York architect James Biber chose American white oak for the project because he “wanted a classic-looking hardwood to blend in and complement the rest of the decking, which had been recycled from 100-year-old salvaged timber from the original Coney Island boardwalks.”


Manufactured in Italy and comprised of random length strips, 20mm in thickness and 80mm wide, the deck was “finished with one coat of clear anti-oxidant oil and laid using a hidden clip mounting system with 5mm gaps between each strip.”


Eco-conscious specifiers are most likely wondering about the environmental impact associated with material delivery and fabrication. No worries. The Science tells it all.


The American Hardwood Export Council’s “Environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) research has produced a full cradle to grave environmental profile for the white oak deck. Data on the forestry, sawmilling, drying and shipping impacts of sending the white oak lumber to Italy were combined with data collected during manufacture. Included in the assessment are all the non-wood materials (glues, oils and fixings) transport, installation and predicted life expectancy.”


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