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Real American Hardwoods

We’ve all seen those tiny particles floating around in a beam of sunlight.  Those culprits are often the cause of many indoor allergies which affect nearly 40 million Americans. So let’s clear the air by incorporating more American hardwoods into your designs.

Allergies and asthma cause 40,000 people to miss school or work every day. The experts at the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommend hardwood floor surfaces in public areas – schools, workspaces, healthcare facilities, and performance venues – as a sure fire way to reduce allergen exposure and improve air quality.

Today, most paints and stains have low- or no-VOC on their labels, and that’s significant because water-based low- or no-VOC finishes are healthier, give off virtually no odor, and are much less likely to trigger allergies or other sensitivities. But be knowledgeable.  “Volatile organic compounds” or VOCs are emitted by many, many items, including carpeting, electronics, plastics, cleaning supplies, tobacco products, cosmetics and more.

Bottom Line:  Incorporate American Hardwoods into the places where you live, work and play. The benefits are limitless. Visit to learn more.

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