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Boston-based architectural design firm IKD has collaborated with cross-laminated timber (CLT) specialists to develop CLT made from Indiana hardwood by-products. As a result, their unique project, Conversation Plinth, has the potential to revolutionize “an industry that currently uses softwoods.”

  • Conversation Plinth is a demonstration of the value and potential applications of Indiana Hardwood Cross Laminated Timber (HCLT), which combines multiple species of low-grade Indiana hardwood into an urban building material that is a fireproof, lightweight alternative to steel and concrete.
  • The installation shows that by up-cycling low-value hardwood sawn logs, such as grade 3 common oak, maple and ash, a high-value hardwood HCLT can be made, and subsequently used in commercial projects.”
  • The project is “part of IKD’s two year exploration of the potential development of the hardwood CLT industry in Indiana. And was made possible through a Wood Innovation Grant awarded by the United States Forest Service and supported by the Indiana Hardwood Lumberman’s Association, in partnership with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources,” Indiana hardwood sawmills, and U.S. CLT manufacturer, SmartLam.

“The inspiring project ultimately seeks to revolutionize the timber industry by demonstrating the viability, value and benefits of hardwood CLT.” Visit to learn more.

Information sources: Exhibit Columbus and the American Hardwood Export Council

Photo credit: Conversation Plinth by IKD


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