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Defining Luxury … American Hardwoods

Unique, sustainable, forever stylish – products made from American Hardwoods offer the ultimate in authenticity and luxury. And they come by it naturally. For centuries, Americans have been surrounding themselves with products made from American hardwoods;...

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Hardwood Cross-Laminated Timber displays in UK

Hardwood cross-laminated timber (HCLT) has been used in the construction of Multiply, the flagship pavilion of the Victoria and Albert Museum London Design Festival. Typically, cross-laminated timber is made from softwood. However, in this project, the 9-metre high...

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Thermal Modification and American Hardwoods

When it came to building structures fortified against attack, “the ancient Vikings knew that poles made from timber with a burnt surface lasted longer” than those that had not been scorched. From that perspective, thermal modification is far from ‘new.’ Today’s...

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The World’s most sustainable office building

America’s most prolific hardwood – Red Oak – is the lead story at Bloomberg’s European headquarters in London. Already tagged as “the world’s most sustainable office building,” the 1.1 million ft² structure is all about “warmth, well-being and WOW factor!” And the...

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On the Innovative Cusp – Super Wood!

Oak and Maple are known for their strength, but scientists at the University of Maryland are reporting that “a simple and inexpensive new process can transform any type of wood into a material stronger than steel, and even some high-tech titanium alloys.” Super Wood?...

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American Hardwood Life Cycle Assessment Tool

Did you know that “every two minutes, the U.S. Hardwood forest grows by the size of a football field?” And did you know that “it takes 0.57 seconds to grow 1m³ (35.3 cubic feet) of American red oak?” This isn’t hype! An online Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool from the...

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“Everything has to be made of something. And it turns out that wood stacks up quite well to competing materials. Discover the many benefits of using wood for construction and packaging products.” Because according to those in-the-know, Wood Is the New Green....

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American Hardwoods taking Top Honors

A press release, issued by the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), announced “success for American hardwoods” at the annual Wood Awards ceremony, the UK’s “premier competition for excellence in architect and product design in the world’s only naturally...

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Building the cities of tomorrow, Today!

Could it be that wood will be the material of choice for future skyscrapers? The case is indeed being made for Hardwood Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). To date however, softwood is the accepted CLT material in “tall” construction. In Oregon in mid-2017, the city of...

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