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There has never been a better time to buy American red oak. It’s plentiful and eminently affordable, and the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) “is working with designers, makers and furniture students to highlight red oak’s versatility, aesthetics and technical performance.”

Need-to-Know Facts

  • The species’ sustainability credentials are impressive – “It is America’s most prolific hardwood, with two cubic metres (17.09 sq.ft) growing in the forest every second, and total growth exceeding harvest by 21 million m3 each year.”
  • It can be “planed, turned, oiled and stained, transforming it into everything from a coffee table to a shoe cabinet.”
  • It is more porous than similar species – white oak for one – and it machines well; bends easily and responds soundly to thermal modification, making it more durable, and an excellent material for outdoor applications.

Bottom Line
Across the globe, end users are exploring new opportunities and discovering the untapped potential of American Red Oak. The appeal is real and goes beyond price and availability! To learn more about this remarkable species, visit .

Orkney desk by Andrew Joye
– a combination of steam bent American red oak and woven drawers –
Photo courtesy: American Hardwood Export Council


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