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Real American Hardwoods

The U.S. Forest Service has issued this important message: “The atmosphere is a critical part of what makes Earth livable. Every product we choose has a carbon consequence. So, when people use wood-based products, in place of fossil fuel-intensive products like steel, concrete, or plastic, there is a permanent benefit to our atmospheric home. The Wood Product and Carbon Connection is something the USDA Forest Service would like everyone to know” more about.

Wood – A sustainable resource

  • “The cycle of seed, plant, grow and harvest makes trees a natural, renewable resource.
  • While trees grow in the forest, they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their trunks, branches, stems, leaves, roots and soil.
  • When trees are sustainably harvested, wood continues to store carbon in the thousands of products we use every day, from paper products to lumber to energy generation.
  • Trees then regrow, repeating the cycle.”

How is Wood GOOD for the environment?
Buildings framed in wood release 26 percent less carbon than steel-framed buildings, and 31 percent less than concrete-framed buildings. Similarly, when people install wood floors instead of vinyl flooring, carbon emissions can be as much as 20 times lower. And, by building with wood, we’re opting to store additional carbon in everyday products and buildings.

Bottom Line: Every product we choose has a carbon consequence. When we choose wood, we keep our home clean, support forests, and invest in long-term climate solutions.”

(USDA Forest Service graphic)


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