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What an eye-opener – the number of “life essential” products that rely on wood fiber! Tragic that it has taken a pandemic to broaden the horizons of the American consumer on what the forest products industry knows as a matter of fact …

“Wood and paper products meet the everyday needs of consumers and businesses. They provide materials essential for communication, education, packaging, construction, shelter, sanitation, and protection.” For starters, did you know:

  • Wood chips are the fiber source for surgical masks/gowns, toilet tissue and other paper products, filters, sponges, even disinfecting wipes.
  • For every mile of railroad track that is installed, approximately 3000 railroad ties are needed.
  • About 500 million wooden pallets are produced each year, to move products/materials like food, medical supplies, etc.
  • Other commonly used products that are made from wood fiber include: Bath towels, Toothpaste, Nail polish, Makeup, Medications, Paints, LCD screens, Ping-pong balls.

Spread the good news, and remember: “The U.S. forest products industry is based on a renewable and sustainable raw material: wood, and practices recovery and recycling in its operations. Its forests help the global carbon balance by taking up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The industry contributes to land management and natural resource conservation.” It employs over 900,000 people and provides jobs in all 50 states.

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