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“Australian designers seem to have a unique affinity with the natural environment and an innate understanding of how best to bring nature closer to life and leisure.” An example of this is the Hungry Fox Café in Melbourne where, with the help of American Hardwoods, patrons are enjoying more than a mouthwatering menu.

About the Project

  • The Exterior – “The Café is the first project in Australia to use thermally-modified American Tulipwood in exterior cladding. Selected for its rich color and uniform texture, American Tulipwood provided not only the aesthetic impact sought by Bruce Henderson Architects, but also the stability. The Thermal modification process heats the Tulipwood to almost the point of combustion. This changes the molecular structure of the timber and results in a material that is durable for outdoor use.”
  • The Interior – With the focus on natural materials, “Interior Architects, Lukas Partners, took on the challenge of creating a contemporary, warm and inviting interior for the Café. The vaulted ceiling, taking its lead from the exterior design, is an expanse of thermally-modified American Tulipwood. Chunky American Ash tables are accompanied by chairs created from the same timber.” And American Walnut panels throughout the space “make the Café the perfect venue to meet for relaxed conversation.”

Visit the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC),, for a closer look at the project and to learn more about AHEC, an international trade association for the American hardwood industry.


Photo Courtesy: Tizia May Photography


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