American Hardwoods
Real American Hardwoods

How much dimensional change should you expect?

These figures represent possible width change in 12 inches of lumber when moisture content is reduced from 10 percent to 5 percent. Figures are for plain-sawn unless indicated otherwise.

Species Dimensional Change
Ash 10/64″
Basswood 10/64″
Beech 14/64″
Butternut 8/64″
Cherry 9/64″
Hard Maple 12/64″
Hickory 11/64″
Oak, Red and White plain-sawn 11/64″
Oak, Red and White quarter-sawn 7/64″
Oak, Red and White rift-sawn 7/64″
Pecan 11/64″
Soft Maple 9/64″
Walnut 10/64″
Yellow Birch 12/64″
Yellow Poplar 9/64″


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