Special Releases

American Hardwoods versus Bamboo

Don’t be misled or confused by hardwood imitators. Products made from tropical grasses like bamboo are hardwood pretenders attempting to mirror the unique and remarkable qualities of hardwood, as documented in this comparison chart.

Fast Facts on American Hardwoods

Share the message of the positive attributes of American hardwoods. The next time someone asks you about hardwood sustainability, tree harvesting or carbon neutrality, give them the facts: Fast Facts.

Carbon Dioxide: Climate Change & U.S. Hardwoods

In language that Main Street America will understand, here’s what responsible consumers need to know about CO2 and why incorporating U.S. hardwoods into their homes and businesses will lessen climate change.

How Selecting Materials Impacts Our Lives

There are many factors to consider when choosing a building or decorating material. Some impact the environment more, while others are a cost consideration. Be knowledgeable when making a selection. Compare factors in a product’s life cycle with those of American hardwoods.

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