How Selecting Materials Impacts Our Lives

American Hardwoods and Life Cycle Assessment

Architects, designers and builders active in sustainable design consider many factors when choosing environmentally-friendly building and decorating materials. This new resource will assist you in your sustainable efforts.

American Hardwoods by Design

Considering American hardwoods for your home? Not sure whether to mix – or match – the woods and wood tones in the furniture, floors, cabinetry and trim? The “American Hardwoods by Design” brochure is for you. This full-color booklet offers a wealth of photos, ideas and advice from eight leading design professionals. In addition, the brochure provides tips for using paint and hardwood mouldings to transform your home and other important information about the green benefits of American hardwoods.

Sustainable Solutions

The “Sustainable Solutions” brochure is a full-color 45-page booklet with detailed information about the sustainability of American Hardwoods and their use in green design and building. This brochure also features in-depth profiles of 20 American hardwood species, including strength and mechanical properties.

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